Start cleaning your home using natural ingredients

Yes, cleaning your home is a chore that is necessary. At times it can get very annoying especially when you have a lot of different responsibilities and your day is extremely busy but regardless of this you still need to maintain the cleanliness in your home.

How are you cleaning your house?

What type of products do you use daily? Do you gravitate towards detergents containing harsh chemicals or do you prefer sticking with natural ingredients?

I think that fewer and fewer people choose to use natural ingredients. Often, it’s easier to pick up a cleaning solution from the store and just use it rather than making your own homemade detergent.

Do you want to save more money as well as take care of your health?

Using harsh chemicals to clean your home has way too many cons. Most importantly, it’s dangerous for your health. Of course, I am not saying that the chemicals that are in the detergents you use are harmful but they di leave a residue behind them. When they build up in the body they can be risky for your well being.

The best thing you can do is to switch your detergents with homemade ones. That way you won’t be using ammonia and other harsh chemicals and your health won’t be at risk every time you breathe.

All you need is baking soda, vinegar, borax, and other natural ingredients you probably have in your home already.

Baking soda is very well known for its ability to clean and disinfect.

Vinegar is also an acid that cleans, removes stains, and disinfects.

Try out switching to similar natural ingredients and see how you feel. And I guarantee that you will save a ton of money as well.

Provided by: Monster Cleaning