How to remove pet urine scent

Pet urine cleaningWhen you are moving out of a rental unit it is very important that you return the unit in a clean state. The main reason why you must do so it to get back your security deposit but there is another reason why you must do your best to return a well-maintained rental unit and the reason is to get a good reference from your landlord. By getting a good reference you will be able to present it t your future landlords and show them that you are a trustworthy and reliable tenant that will take good care of their property.

The importance of returning a clean and tidy rental unit becomes even greater when you have been a tenant with a pet because your landlord will inspect his property thoroughly for any pet related damaged and more importantly for pet urine scents. This is why we have decided to write down an article with pointers on how to remove pet urine odours.

The easiest and most efficient way to remove pet urine stains is to treat the stains with a mixture of water and baking soda. To create the mixture, grab a bowl and fill it with one part of baking soda and three parts of water. Stir the bowl until you create a paste. Then get a cloth and apply the paste-like cleaning solution onto the stained areas. Once you have applied the paste over the stains, add distilled vinegar to the paste and allow it to sit for several minutes so that the vinegar can absorb the urine scent. End the stain cleaning by removing the paste with a dry clean towel. If necessary repeat the procedure. But don’t repeat the procedure more than twice as you may cause permanent damages to the stained area. If after the second take the urine stains and smell are still present, call a cleaning company that provides end of tenancy cleaning services and have them help you.

Another way to clean pet urine stains and remove the nasty odour is to mix water with Listerine. Once the mixture is ready, damp a clean towel into the mixture and apply the cleaning solution over the problematic area. Then rinse the treated area and allow it to dry completely. The Listerine should eliminate the urine scent and more importantly give a much fresher aroma into the room.

You can also use corn starch to remove the urine stains and odours. Simply sprinkle corn starch over the urinated area and apply water. Use a clean soft towel to blot the area and then allow the treated area to dry completely. After it has dried the scent of urine should be gone. Once again if the stain or urine odour is still present, don’t waste time into repeating the procedure, instead use the services of a company that provides end of tenancy cleaning services.

As you can see you can easily get rid of all pet urine stains and scents by using one of the three cleaning technique that we have posted. So know get on the task because your moving out date is approaching and we are more than sure that you will want your security deposit back.