Tutorial: How to shampoo a carpet

Carpet CleaningPeople have been decorating their floors with carpets since the beginning of time. Maybe it is because carpets are beautiful features that automatically enhance the ambiance of a room, maybe it is because carpets keep the cold floor warm or maybe it is because nothing better has been invited. However carpets aren’t perfect, the biggest downside of carpets is that they require a lot of dedication in the form of constant cleaning. It is like this because carpets tend to harbour harmful particles between their fibres which after a while will undoubtedly pollute the indoor air and environment. Even more some of these particles can cause severe healthy complications especially to people that suffer from asthma and allergies.

The easiest way to deal with these harmful particles is to regularly shampoo a carpet. By shampooing a carpet, the owner of the carpet will not only remove the harmful particles but rejuvenate the appearance of his carpet as well. So if you are a proud carpet owner and you are considering shampooing your carpet, keep reading because we have listed down a very effective carpet shampooing method.

  1. Buy or rent a carpet cleaning machine from a local hardware store or specialized cleaning store that provide cleaning services including end of tenancy cleaning services. Keep in mind that renting a machine is less costly and therefore is the ideal solution if you are on a tight cleaning budget or you don’t need a carpet cleaning machine on a regular basis.
  2. While you are buying or renting the carpet cleaning machine, don’t forget to purchase all the carpet cleaning products that you will need for the shampooing of your carpet.
  3. Next remove as many furnishings as you can from the room in which is the carpet that you are going to clean. If you cannot remove the furniture shift them from one corner of the room to another while you are cleaning the carpet.
  4. Next spray a non-toxic and non-abrasive stain remover over the stained areas of your carpet and allow the stain remover to sit for several minutes.
  5. While the remover is sitting, prep the carpet cleaning machine by filling the water tank of the machine with a homemade cleaning solution of water and carpet shampoo.
  6. Once the machine is ready, blot the residual stain remover and start shampooing your carpet with the aid of the machine. Carpet cleaning machines have rotary brushes that agitate the carpet fibers and allow the shampoo to penetrate deeper into and between the fibers. Always start from one end of the carpet and move forward slowly until to reach the other end then start walking backwards over the area that you have treated so that the machine can draw up the dirty water. Do this until you have covered the entire carpet.
  7. When done allow the carpet to dry thoroughly before you return the furnishings at their place.

If all this seems too much or too time consuming for you, you can always use the services of a company that provides professional cleaning such as carpet cleaning services or end of tenancy cleaning services.

As you can see, shampooing a carpet isn’t as hard as you may have thought, so from now on don’t neglect your carpet cleaning duties and take good care of your carpet or just call the professionals from Carpet Cleaning Paddington.